Over the world
suffering with
CFIDS minimally
30million patients.



Some of the
medications is
known from
pharaohs time.


"Who keeps regularly
every year an old
pagan ritual - 40
days of fasting
without meat and
drinking Thyme
then never get sick
with the disease
known as CFIDS."

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first really truthful and scientifically verified information about treating disease, known as
CFIDS - (Chronic Fatigue and Immune Dysfunction Syndrome) -
which is also known as CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), ME
(Myalgic Encephaloyelitis), ME/CFS,  FM (Fibromyalgia), FMS,
HIV- AIDS (HIV negative AIDS), GWS (Gulf War Syndrome), MCHS
(Multiple chemical sensitivity), Late Chronic Lyme
……. and many other names.  

Throughout history, millions of people have been treated for this illness..... Why not you?
                                        Because, you ignore the wisdom of those from older generations!

The illness CFIDS has been recognized and treated for over 4,000 years. The first to
treat this sickness were the pagans living on European territory before annexation by
the Romans. The second were Egyptian pharaohs. The knowledge from the Egyptians
has been preserved to this day via embalming, and from Pagans in ritual celebrations.
Sadly, the original cure was lost to history due to the 2,000 years of Christian wars.

The pagan treatment ritual is now known worldwide as "Carnival - 40 days of fasting -Easter".
This treatment ritual was named for the pagan goddess of resurrection ‘Oestre’ (Ostara, Easter).
Carnival was use as a means of diagnosing this illness; those who did not dance were marked with
ashes sprinkled on their heads (Ash Wednesday - dies cinerum), and treatment was mandatory. 
40 days of fasting, drinking herbal tea, and abstaining from meat attempted to remove any presumed
fungal infections. The original Druid potion has been lost to history, but Roman legionaries stole at
least part of the recipe. The potion was use by soldiers and gladiators as potion for power; a simple
variant was tea made from the herb Thyme. The original potion was more powerful (similar to todays
pharmaceuticals, therefore enabling a short treatment period of only 40 days), because it was
created probably from young buds of (willow) tree (symbolic of Easter). Thus celebrating Easter
(healing, resurrection) is synchronized with moon phases- because herbs picked during certain
moon phases have an effect ten times stronger than normal. Because people with this sickness
were treated ritually as winter ended, sickness was treated in its early phases, often while still in
the lungs, when it was much easier to heal. Treatment was also simple, consisting of only fasting
and herbs; this ritual was historically comparable to a national healthcare measure. Those who
healed were celebrated; they were not displaced from the community with birch and circumfused
by water, which was a way of preventing infection to the community. The question is, who today
respects this ancestral heritage of an annual forty day period of fasting? Similarly highly effective
cures makes bees, under the name Propolis (but Propolis, in volume for treating, is more expensive
than pharmaceuticals). Propolis was very expensive and used only by Pharaohs for treatment and
embalming. Thanks to knowledge about treatment, most pharaohs lived twice as long as other
people (this sickness drastically reduces lifetime). The poor people, like gladiators or soldiers,
used thyme or similar herbs. Thyme can protect cells from long-term destruction, including lack of
immune system. Some mummies, after 3000 years, still smell like thyme or Propolis. Mummies were
protected, but the tomb itself was infected; everybody who entered without a respirator was infected
with this sickness (this is now known as the curse of the pharaohs). Pharaohs was first, who used
this pathogen as biological weapon. Effectivity distribution infection in higher temperature, was
verified by most of veterans from Gulf War (Gulf War Syndrome).
The parasitic pathogen responsible for CFIDS produces a neurotoxin that paralyzes the
nervous system (so we feel fatigue), and paralyzes the immune system (generate immune-deficit).
The pathogen has about 300 genetic variants, and fight symbiotically with hundreds of other
microorganisms and viruses (the most dangerous of which is the HIV/AIDS combination).
There exists about 10,000 variants of this sickness, and diagnosis from symptoms alone is
very difficult. Variants of pathogen can change depending on the immune system and symbiotic
microorganisms. Before any immune reaction, there can be in the body any number of variants.
But with no immune response, valid for HIV+, or a very old patient, lack of treatment results in
death within 3 months. The immune system is paralyzed by neurotoxins, only near to parasites,
when only lost activity, is not destructed, therefore examination of immune system not show
nothing (only CD+ lymphocyte is lower, what signifies chronic granuloma disease, but doctors
do not know, how that read).The sickness begins in the lungs and after a few months begins to
spread (disseminated form); after some years it begins to infect organs including chronic bone
form (similar to other granuloma disease like tuberculosis). Simple treatment is only effective
when the sickness has not spread from the lungs. Since the lung-only form of the illness had
few symptoms, the ritual treatment was most effective. After winter, every year, for everybody,
the treatment was very effective for maintaining a population in good health. 

The parasitic pathogen produces neurotoxins; therefore CFIDS patients have poisonous blood and sweat,
making every injury very painful and patients very sensitive and nervous. Normally neurotoxins penetrate the
neural system only through neural ends, which causes minor partial paralysis (fatigue), leading to the name
Fatigue Syndrome. But if pressure increases rapidly, the neurotoxins can penetrate to the neural plexus, on
limited time (minutes to hours) but full paralysis.This leads to stiffening, and a feeling reminiscent of having
eaten jalapeño peppers. This can happen when standing up too quickly from bed, during a massage, or
during an airplane landing. 

There are two types of patients: those who have sickness for short duration (a few months
or years) and those who endure the sickness for many years without treatment. Those with the
short-term affliction are still fully treatable. With the longer duration, patients have chronic bone
form; these people need stabilization cure or pulsed treatment, periodically until the end of their
lifespan. Stabilization treatment is a low dosage of the cure, such as daily or twice daily doses
of herbal and antifungal tea from Thyme or Liana. If healed patients with infected bones avoid
meat and sunbathe weekly, they do not need to use anti-fungal tea during summer, only for the
duration of the winter months. It is easy to verify the presence of the chronic bone form. If you
look to the mirror, and on teeth you see white spots under enamel (these white spots can also
be on other parts of skeleton, where you can not see them), it is a metabolic Calcium – immune
reaction to the pathogen.

    Diagnoses from symptoms are very difficult, but the bone form can be simply diagnosed if you
can see white patches below the enamel of your teeth.

    There is also a form of this sickness present in the skin, but this form exists in only 17% of the
afflicted. Patients with the skin form can have effective control with treatment, because just looking at the
number of skin lesion tells you how many parasitic pathogens are in the organism (parts per million).
The size of the lesions also contains information on which variant you actually have. More information is
available in the CFIDS Cure book.

   Each different version and virus combination has a unique skin lesion. This can help with
diagnosing this sickness, because after infection by (e.g. Herpes Simplex) the patient will have
completely different skin lesions.
  Like a simple diagnosis, can be use reaction on treatment (HERX - Herxheimer Reaction). Every
breaking treatment, or overcome low level of medication, generate reaction of pathogen - HERX (you
feel fatigue, you feel tired, especially weak in fingers, heavy legs). Pathogen inject to organism neurotoxin
and start yourselves replicate. So, you can perform a simple test.
This test is important because if you
have HERX, you have the correct diagnoses (about 5% CFIDS patients have different sickness)
and we can guarantee 100% good results with  treatment (I think it is critical to get a guarantee
before paying hundreds of dollars for pharmaceuticals).
  More information is in CFIDS Cure book.
In the future we hope that laboratory-quality high sensitivity diagnoses will be available for
our patients. Our new, patented laboratory diagnose it is combination the long-term sedimentation
and PCR (Polymerase chain reaction) method, this is 10000 times more sensitive than a standard PCR.
[Nobody else, have not this sensitive diagnostic tools on parasitic pathogen , which cause CFIDS,
therefore today nobody else can scientifically verify effectivity of treatment, therefore only on this web
site is right treatment. We will try get funding for start manufacturing diagnostic tools probably on
Kickstarter, because, without right diagnosis, on pathogen, no doctor can not treat any patients officialy.]

Since the parasitic pathogen feeds off of deconstructed cells’ “dead meat,” it is necessary to:
1.    Stop eating meat (without this, you can not heal) 
(CFIDS is reason why to be vegetarian.)
2.    Minimize physical activity (active sports and heavy labor destructs many cells)
3.    Minimize the number of other sicknesses (illnesses such as the flu destroy many cells)
4.    Supplement vitamin D to help the immune system. Daily or weekly tanning is best.
   Sweat. Sweating helps parasites leave the body, so go to live in regions with many sunny
days. Sweating is very good and can be done, under the shining sun, or in a warm salted bath,
or in the sauna.

Most patients are infected by inhaling the sweat of other patients (it is advisable to use air filtering to protect
roommates), some are infected after a tick bite; inhaling dust from bird excrement infects the fewest patients.
After you stop eating meat, the parasitic pathogen variant will become less severe within one month and you
will feel better. 

Is necessary to know that CFIDS, like only different variant of AIDS, is a multiplicative sickness of the
immune system. In body starting hundreds other inflammations (with symbiotic pathogens) - opportune
infection, therefore after healing this sickness, it is still necessary to continue therapy for healing
opportune illnesses. It is important to start treatment as soon as possible, because long-term suffering
without treatment is the cause of chronic bone form (similar to Bone Tuberculosis), which is already very
difficult to treat. An immune deficit can also give rise to other diseases of deconstructed cells, like cancer
or multiple sclerosis. Patients who start treatment early have a very good chance at being fully cured.

  Poor patients, who living on the street, can use Thyme, either fresh or as a cheap spice from
any grocery store. Therapy takes about 2 years and consists of drinking tea made from thyme 4-6
times a day. To make the tea, boil one teaspoon of thyme per cup for ten minutes (you are not
drinking anything else). Strict fasting is necessary, with absolutely no meat; eating only fresh fruits
and vegetables- nothing else- is best. For the first two months patients will feel worse, because
the pathogen is fighting with the cure and producing more neurotoxins, this reaction is known as
HERX  (patients, who sometimes was try Marshal, or Wheldon protocol, HERX know). If you feel
worse, you need to increase the dosage (more cups of thyme tea per day). If you forget to take
medicine, or accidentally eat some meat, that generate will HERX (you will feel tired, especially
in the form of weak fingers), and you will need to start another 35 day cycle. I only recommend
thyme to those patients who are already healed, more as a stabilization treatment since it is cheap
but has limited effectiveness. Most patients surrender treating, because they not holding so long
fasting. There is also a more effective natural and herbal medicine with a shorter - 7 month therapy;
these herbs can be sent by mail.


CFIDS herbal Cure                                                           include worldwide (20 day) delivery
7 month herbal cure (200g) cost $75,- 
This herbal cure is basic medicine for long time suffering patients (7 year and longer), who need this cure until
death. With herbal tea, sunbathing, and abstaining from meat and sports, you can enjoy a normal life.

After intensive treatment, patients with the chronic bone form need to use stabilization treatments. Patients feel
best after stopping treatment, therefore is good periodically swap between a time of natural treatment and one
without treatment (pulsed treatment). This should occur in multiples of 35 days (good condition may hold for a
few months depending on the physical load).

Before battle, gladiators would bathe for a few days in thyme, what was probably highly effective. If anybody
would like to experiment with forty days bathing (in night you can sleep in bed), please send me an E-mail.
I am not sure how deeply it penetrates the skin.It is possible that healing will occur in less than two years, but
only 40 days. This looks like embalming, is possibly more effective, maybe pharaoh was use Thyme wrap for
treating, maybe it is little bit more dangerous (nobody tested), but maybe is chance healed chronic bone
form too. If that help CFIDS patients, it that can help HIV/AIDS patients suffering in the final phase and return
them to the first phase, what can prolonging life for many years.

Thyme is good for protecting against relapses into sickness. It is best for patients who feel mostly good and
only a little tired, but not for patients who feel sick. Thyme is not very effective for patients in bad condition,
when it is necessary to use pharmaceutical. Herbal and natural treatments decrease a number of parasitic
pathogens, and change variants to be less aggressive, but also more resistant. Is good to try more variants
herbal and natural treatments, therefore is in book of treatment three different herbs.
Thyme is very safe,
but have some side effect, like live dreams,  headache, shorter sleeping.

Herbal and natural treatment is a low dosage medication, therefore it develops resistant  variations of pathogens;
this cure is thus not recommended to patients who have had the sickness for less than 7 years. These patients
can be fully healed with pharmaceuticals. Treatment with low dosage medication generates a HERX reaction,
making patients feel much worse for many months. It is a painful cure. Thyme is a very cheap substitute,
therefore you can not waiting miracle,  but is good only for preventive use.

Treating with herbs is very hard, takes very long time and result have minimum effect, if you want simple
treating, like take few pills, and be healed, you need buy pharmaceuticals.

  The rich patients who have bank accounts can buy pharmaceuticals. With pharmaceuticals,
healing takes 35 days (conservatively, 40 days). I recommend the use of pharmaceuticals
(especially if the sickness is combined with Chlamydia, Lyme, or other infection). For which ones
and how to use them, see the CFIDS cure book. Medicine is a combination of wideband
intracellular antibiotics and antifungals, in high doses, and is supported by strict fasting and
Vitamin D supplements. Antibiotics and antifungals are selected carefully for minimal side effects.
Pharmaceuticals for complete therapy cost less than 1,000 USD; generic variants cost less than
300 USD. In the CFIDS cure book is prescriptions on 8 different method treating CFIDS, herbal,
natural and main pharmaceutical, include some experimental method, and complete information
about medications, include contraindication.


CFIDS Cure book                                                                    install *.PDF reader before     
book cost: $28,-                      after payment click - continue on web
No doctor can prescribe these pharmaceuticals – because you don’t look sick enough to prescribe
this very effective medicine (similar is prescribed only to HIV/AIDS patients in final phase, but only
with minimum 40 day hospitalization, which cost many hundred thousand, so treatment for free
or for few dollars will be accessible only on this web page).

In most country it is illegal to buy this effective medicine in on-line Pharmacy – but it is your life!!!!

               So say how many years of your life you lost and what you are waiting for!!!!!!
                                                       So heal, and enjoy life.

Intensive treatment (pharmaceuticals - antibiotics and antifungals) is very effective: night sweats disappear the first
night, muscle pain disappears within a few days, pain in joints and bones disappears after a week or two and fatigue
disappears within a month. Wide band intracellular antibiotics heal most (about 90%) opportune infections.

After healing the disseminated form, I do not recommended running marathons or any similar physical activity because,
if you have the bone form of the illness, sickness may return immediately after some exhaustion, or after infection by
any other sickness.

This sickness affects about 0.5% population in active form, but among those aged 50 or older the number affected can
be about 5-10%. Furthermore, nobody knows that about 50% of people is infected by pathogen at some point before
their death, so 50% people die before their time due to the sickness. So with this knowledge, human lives (including
yours) can be prolonged for 20 years. The difference between 0.5% of population and 50% towards the end of life is
due to the fact that patients infected after age 70, when there is no reaction by the immune system, breed the same
aggressive variant as in HIV/AIDS patients, and patient can die within a few months (that means CFIDS patients in
old age have the same sickness as AIDS patients, and 50% HIV+ and 50% HIV- die on the same AIDS, but for
HIV-negative patients, not exist sensitive diagnostic tools). So, in official statistic, these patients die on high age
and or pneumonia.

It is important to start treatment as soon as possible, because long-term suffering without treatment causes chronic
bone forms (like the Bone Tuberculosis) which is already very difficult to heal, but with weakened immune systems
are developing many other diseases, including cancer or multiple sclerosis. But remember that it's you, who distribute
this infectious disease
(infectivity is similar to Tuberculosis), to others and especially between family members!!!

Goverment, in most of countries, they not supported any research, because this sickness now do regulation
population on pension, and with treating will people live another 20 years, and pension system will collapses.

People spend thousands of dollars monthly for apartments, but give the same money for health life, or for another
20 years of life, is too much. So, now is good time, check your priorities.  Treatment is not simple, but does exist, as
do effective medications, but is necessary your resolve.


Our knowledge is based on 10 years of scientific research, 22 years of personal experience with this sickness, knowledge
of parasitic pathogens responsible for this illness, 9 years of personally testing the treatments, and on owning sensitive
diagnostic method, which combined - long time sedimentation and PCR (Polymerase chain reaction), which is 10000
times more sensitive than standard PCR. Parasite pathogen is 2-4um small and is very dispersed (1:1000000), therefore
scientists could not find long time this pathogen. This treatment method is 100% effective, but the right diagnosis CFIDS,
present in about 95% of patients, and every patient have multiple other opportune sickness. On net was presented
thousands mystification, about this sickness, but is on you, if will trust to scientists, or to writers only, it is on you, if you
want be healed, or only want cry to pillow. Now, everyone have a chance on better life. So, take your destiny to your own
hands, because today nobody else help you, because from scientific laboratory, discovery go to medicine practice about
20 years, but for most of patients will be too late.
This discovery of the century, can prolong human lifetime about another +20 years, because while without sensitive
diagnosis, nobodyknow that, but about 50% of people die before is time, thanks this parasitic pathogen.  This cure is
like Grail of medicine, only onecure treat thousands illnesses, because with healing immune system, we treat thousands
opportune infections, include Cancer too.


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