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    first really scientifically verified information about treating disease, known as
CFIDS - (Chronic Fatigue and Immune Dysfunction Syndrome) -
which is also known as FM (Fibromyalgia), FMS, CFS (Chronic
Fatigue Syndrome), ME (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis), ME/CFS,
HIV negative AIDS, GWS (Gulf War Syndrome), MCHS
(Multiple chemical sensitivity), Late Chronic Lyme
                                                        ……. and many other names.

    Our knowledge is based on 10 years of scientific research, 22 years of personal experience with this
sickness, knowledge of the parasitic pathogens responsible for this illness, 9 years of personally testing
the treatments, and owning a sensitive diagnostic method, which combined - long time sedimentation
and PCR (Polymerase chain reaction),  is 10,000 times more sensitive than standard PCR. The parasite
pathogen is small, 2-4µm, and is very dispersed (1:1000000) in tissue, therefore for a long time, scientists
could not find this pathogen. Nobody else has a sensitive diagnostic method for this pathogen, and
therefore nobody else can verify the effectiveness of the treatment methods.

The parasitic pathogen responsible for CFIDS produces a neurotoxin that paralyzes the nervous system
(so we feel fatigued) and paralyzes the immune system (generate immune-deficit). The pathogen has
about 300 genetic variants, and fight symbiotically with hundreds of other microorganisms and viruses.
There exist about 10,000 variants of this sickness, and diagnosis from symptoms alone is very difficult. 

It is necessary to know that CFIDS, similar to AIDS, is a multiplicative sickness of the immune system.
In the body there are hundreds of other inflammations (with symbiotic pathogens) - opportune infection,
therefore after healing this sickness, it is still necessary to continue therapy for healing opportune 
illnesses. It is important to start treatment as soon as possible because long-term suffering without 
treatment is the cause of chronic bone form, which is very difficult to treat. An immune deficiency can 

also give rise to other diseases, like cancer or multiple sclerosis. Patients who start treatment early have
a very good chance of being completely cured.

This sickness affects about 0.5-2% of the population, but among those aged 50 or older the number
affected can be as high as 5-10%. Importantly, no one knows that about 50% of all people are infected
by this pathogen a few months before their death (similar to HIV+ patients).

" Now you have a chance on a better life. You can buy medications, and you can heal yourself.
So, take your destiny to your own hands, because today nobody else helps you."

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  CFIDS, Fibromyalgia cure: $28,-             
In the document there are 8 different methods of treatment, including: herbal, natural and
intensive pharmaceutical - combined antifungals and wideband intracellular antibiotics.

Drugs for 5 weeks of the intensive treatment cost about $300 (generic antibiotics and antifungal) from
an online Pharmacy. Herbs cost only $30 for 7 months of therapy. Medications were selected with
responsibility and with minimal side effects. Intensive treatment (5 weeks) is very effective, night sweats
disappear the first night, muscle pain disappears within a few days, pain in joints and bones disappears
after a week or two and fatigue disappears within a month. This medication helps everyone,
but patients with chronic form need use repeatedly.

                      " After healing you can enjoy life - you have only one. "

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