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More about CFIDS

4000 years history
treating CFIDS

         World's CFIDS organization
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   This site was created to help 30 million
CFIDS patients with treatment of this disease.

Unfortunately, on the net there are thousands of web pages with mystification about this disease, which can confuse patients. Treatment, until now, has been only quackery. This site, thanks to knowledge of the pathogens which cause CFIDS, does not offer any of the vitamins, detoxification cures, diets or magic pills, e-Book, some Protocol, massage, or just advertising, like the others without knowledge, but effective, and only certified and tested drugs, that bring you back your life in 5 weeks of intensive treatment.
This treatment is good for patients who are still unsuccessfully tried to cure ( Marshal or Wheldon protocol) and for patients who are never treating, which is most of patients, vitamins and pain pills are not medication, it is for healthy people , patients need real medication. 

Doctors do not know that disease very much, but patients know it under different names CFIDS (Chronic Fatigue and Immunity Dysfunctional Syndrome), ME (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis), ME / CFS, CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), FM (Fibromyalgia), GWS (Gulf War Syndrome), just fatigue syndrome, or familiarly postviral or untreated infection. But it is a serious disease like AIDS or TB (Tuberculosis), which shortens the life by half.

Doctors in most countries do not recognize the disease, underestimating it, and refuse patients arrogantly. But even in the most advanced countries doctors do not cure the disease. Given the negative attitude of most doctors to this disease, it is hard to gain a support for the research on this disease. Therefore no serious research exists and patients are left at the mercy of their fate.                                                                                                       (personal experience)

Within five years of research we managed to find a pathogen that causes the disease CFIDS, we developed method of laboratory diagnosis of the pathogen and the rapid test for the presence of the pathogen in the body. We managed to find and test a lot of effective drugs and specific and safe methods of treatment.

Illness CFIDS causes neurotoxin which produces this parasitic pathogen. Neurotoxin is highly effective even in minimum quantities, causing poisoning of the whole organism. The neurotoxin paralyzes particularly immune and neural system.
Partial paralysis of some nerve endings appears like fatigue, therefore it is called popularly fatigue syndrome. Due to paralysis of the immune system in the tissues, the patient is suffering from a variety of non-specific inflammations of various organs. The pain is caused not only inflammations, but also increased sensitivity, which corrects the CNS partial paralysis, it is then reflected increased production of the sleep hormone and so morning stiffness.

The pathogen is highly resistant and is able to defend oneself against ordinary drugs easily, thus nobody ever succeeded in curing anyone by random use of drugs. The research tested effective drugs and special treatment procedures. Pathogen can quickly overcome current levels of drugs, so response and cell cycle of the pathogen is used to determine adequate level of drugs in order not to destroy patient’s organs by overdose of drugs. In terms of active substances antifungal, antibiotic, herbal and natural treatments are available. Most affordable, safest and cheapest is herbal one. There are three types of very effective herbs that have no wrong side effects and so can be used in large doses and in the long term. Though healing takes longer, about 7 months, it is completely safe and can be recommended to people in lighter form. Most antibiotics rather get the state worse, but there are antibiotics that act against pathogen in high doses, they also act against the symbiotic micro-organisms and thus treat all non-specific inflammations. These antibiotics are effective immediately, within 30 minutes improvement can be seen and all CFIDS symptoms disappear over the first few days, but you must endure at least five weeks of treatment, otherwise the symptoms will return in a cycle. To people in a bad condition, with night sweats and increasing temperature during activity and pains, and thus having the inflammations, I recommend a combination of antibiotic and herb with a complementary natural treatment. However, the most effective is combination therapy. One can be fully cured through a combination of antibiotics and antifungal agents with a sufficient level. Sufficient levels of drugs is very important, because pathogen can soon overcome normal levels of the drug, this is reflected by Herx, when the pathogen produces much more neurotoxin, due to replication. Treatment with insufficient levels of the drug takes many years and the patient with Herx feels much worse. That is the reason why he ends the treatment and the reason why finding a cure was failing for so long.

More about CFIDS

4000 years history treating CFIDS

Medicine is a combination of intracellular antibiotics and antifungals in high doses, supported by strict fasting and supplementing vitamin D. For experimental treatment, information is sufficient, however, recommend the treatment to follow the prescription.


Treatment                                                                                                   instal *.PDF reader before      
Prescription on 7 variants of treatment cost: $28,-                       
In document is 7 different method of treatment consisting of herbal, natural and pharmaceutical antifungal and antibiotics
Drugs for intensive treatment at 5  weeks cost about $300-400 ( antibiotic, antifungal, and combined ),
additional  natural treatment cost $50 at 5 weeks (
$350 at 7 months ), and herbs only $20 at 7 months, but use longer.
Prices are from the online pharmacy and generic, in different countries or on prescription can be  higher.
Disease is similar to AIDS, and therefore treatment is also similar, and therefore emphasis was focused on selection and dosage of drugs so that treatment is always safe. Effective drugs were chosen with the responsibility with minimal side effects, because of the high dosage and long term use. Compared to similar diseases such as AIDS and Tubrkulosis therapy is really cheap, it is about 10 times cheaper.
Treatment is cheap, because not participate pharmaceutical lobby, and doctors in the future it will be treated much more expensive, but more accessible. Antibiotics wich penetrate cell wall and specific antifungal agents in sufficient level is only one existing real treatment. Additional hlep is vitamine D (help like vitamine D on Tuberculosis), but better is natural, arising from sun exposure.

Intensive treatment (pharmaceutical antibiotics and antifungals) is very effective, night sweats disappear first night, muscle pain disappears within a few days, pain in joints and bones disappear after a week or two and fatigue disappeared within a month. Intensive treatment lasts for 5 weeks. The treatment is suitable for all variants of the disease, for patients in severe condition, in light condition and partially cured. Herbal treatment is ideal for patients with asymptomatic bone form, which prevent relapse, long-term.

The treatment should be followed exactly as prescribed, if there were an interruption or decrease levels of drugs, pathogens replicate again, and so not a complete cure and the disease may return in time. Then just repeat the treatment.

Herbal treatment is completely safe, but takes much longer time, at least 7-12 months. Herbal and natural therapy has been known for over 4000 years and so has been verified by many generations of human populations, unfortunately, the advent of pharmaceutical medicine, mankind has lost this knowledge, because doctors can not prescribe herbs. In some areas, they have already lost this knowledge during the Dark Ages to the witch hunts. However, historically, some herbs are still added to foods and why some nations are healthier, even this small amount of work only as a precaution. Knowledge of treatment used in ancient Egypt in the art of embalming. Roman soldiers drank decoctions of herbs and before battle is bathed in them to gain energy (this knowledge get from Druid). Before the Christians, Pagans thousands of years treating this disease, and heritage is celebration known as Carnival  - 40 days of fasting cure, - Easter, named following Pagan's goddess of resurrection Eostre.

At the time of treatment is required hold fasting (restriction no meat, the ideal is to eat only fresh fruit or even fresh vegetables). It is a strict fasting is the reason why they can not cure most patients do not have the willing. (If no fasting, required level of drug would be higher than in patients with HIV / AIDS in the last stage, and that can not allow any physician to prescribe.)

For the treatment is necessary to buy real medications (antibiotics and antifungals) and use exactly as prescribed, otherwise can not be cured, relying on miracles will not help anyone. Real drugs are only antibiotics and antifungals, pain pills and vitamins are not medication.

          It is important to start treatment as soon as possible, because long-term suffering without treatment,
                   cause of chronic bone forms (like the Bone TB) which is already very difficult to treat
                       (With weakened immune systems are developing other diseases, including cancer).

   It is up to each of us, if they put up with the fact that his life has ended, or  whether it will fight, and wants to heal,
   but remember it's you, what you distribute this infectious disease to others and especially between family members.

               Of course you can ignore the real treatment, but what is the alternative, just 
suffering many years?
                                          If you will wait for a doctors, you not need living so long.
                                                    Where faith does not help, must help science.


Once you start to heal, you become a part of the solution, on the basis of feedback and the resulting statistics, the treatment procedure will be optimized, so that followers can have benefit from your experience.

Statistics of treatment 

On the Web there are thousands of sites with mystification about this disease, so patients are often mystified and difficult to orient. All sources inform patients that the treatment not exist and infectious agent is unknown, it was true before 2010, before disclosing the information on this site. During the research were also examined various dubious methods of treatment and really any other treatment methods do not work and if anyone says that the cured, it was a coincidence. If someone feels better does not mean it is cured and not everybody who feels CFIDS patients really have this disease, the estimate is 90%. Personally, I have tested many tens of medicines and medicaments. I believe, that the many patients was very disappointed when bought  on Web sites some of offered "book" about CFS, where obviously did not find any treatment (prescription).
Doctors treat only known diseases, however before this disease becomes known, it will take at least a generation and will cost tens of millions of dollars. If efforts to treat CFIDS patients will no one sabotage, it may take from the lab to the clinic of physicians only 20 years, but this means that current patients are unable to gain it.

Unfortunately, doctors can not prescribe herbs for professional reasons, and pharmaceuticals can prescribe the necessary volume yet only after hospitalization after the correct diagnosis. Without laboratory diagnostics sensitive to the pathogen, however, no doctor can not prescribe the right medications because of insurance restrictions.
Until will be available the laboratory diagnosis, treatment of CFIDS will be only available  here.   
This sponsored page is designed for smart, responsible patients, who are able to buy medicines themselves and use it exactly as prescribed. Later, this technology will be provided to pharmaceutical investors, because it will need to be hospitalized (like the treatment of infectious tuberculosis, treatment requires taking medicines absolutely accurate and reducing intake of food, no meat, any violation resulting in unhealed) and will be treating about ten times more expensive.

The presence of the pathogen in the body can be verified by two independent, yet unpublished techniques, with an evaluation of PCR in patients in a light condition, patients in severe condition can be used cultivation, and after long-term sedimentation, pathogen can even see the right eye.

To the doctors can treat the disease, it is necessary to have proper laboratory diagnosis, the presence of the pathogen. If we can get from donors 300K will be possible to start production of diagnostic kits. Then the doctors will be able to treat patients with pharmaceuticals, under health insurance. It is therefore up to each of us as soon as possible CFIDS patients will treated at clinics.
If you want support the introduction of diagnostic      on account is 0.00$        
At the time of death, most people have this parasitic pathogen in the body and thus it causes premature death of almost everyone. This pathogen causes the majority of diseases including all forms of cancer, especially in old age. Some of the medications is known for over 3000 years, pharaohs used it to extend life. In the near future it will be possible, by controlling the disease, to prolong life up to double, of course the healthy, active life. Use of hormones can then stop or reverse aging, with a strengthened immune system human being will not have to be afraid of possible cancer. Thanks to these techniques it will soon, in this century, can normally reach ages of more than 100 years.


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